At Pracity, we create effective Requirements Practices that scale from one Business Analyst to a large team of Analysts that elicit, gather, and manage changing requirements over the lifetime of the business.  Requirements should be an ongoing evolution for every business and integrated system, and they should adapt to the ever-changing business environment.

Every business should consider their strategy for the following:

  1. Initial Requirements Planning: who will serve as the Business Subject Matter Experts and who should be available throughout the duration of the project in order to provide ample feedback?  Who will be the Business Analysts and have they been trained on how to elicit effective requirements in a time-constrained environment?
  2. Requirements Development:  does your team know how to document requirements in an unambiguous way that will facilitate efficient communication with the developers instead of hampering it?  Do your Business Analysts know how to ask the right questions to elicit functional requirements without over-committing or gold-plating?  Do they know which questions to ask to elicit the non-functional requirements that comprise over 50% of the development cost?
  3. Ongoing Requirement Management:  does your team have a system and process established to handle ongoing changes to the requirements? Can this be done in an Agile fashion that improves the agility of the development team?

Pracity has experience building requirements practices for software companies and large organizations that have significant technology needs to run their business.

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